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writing a book on magic

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link post  Posted: 15.09.15 03:08. Post subject: Creative force of our imagination

me: I'd like to have more conversations on sending love

friend: I need to accept myself more fully before I can send love effectively

it's very easy to do

But nonetheless I always realign my thoughts and senses to be as loving as I can at the moment

it's enough to say as you did. Only a little change: I want to accept myself fully.

I want to accept myself fully!

What else do you want?
I want to see my life as an interesting journey!

I want to have more ease in my communication with others

I want to see my current situation as an intriguing development!
I want to have more high-quality communications with more great people!
This format allows us to put attention to what we want. Instead of putting it on what we don't want. I love it and it's very effective

Yes, I totally see what you mean

directs attention in a very constructive way

attention meaning energy?

creative force

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link post  Posted: 16.09.15 23:49. Post subject: what I did years ago..

what I did years ago was, EFT (emotional freedom technique), which is some tapping techniqe on your body, with certain energy points and saying some kind of mantra, like "i love and accept myself fully"

you can look it up on google "EFT" or watch this video.


do you know about EFT, kostya?

maybe it can help your friend to :)

much love, daidi

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