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link post  Posted:26.10.15 19:21.Post subject:Don't send love to your husband, send love to your relationships with him

Put on my website a part of a chat on sending love:

- ...he told me that he wasn't prepared to be in a relationship, but I want to be with him. Now I'm practicing "Living on Love - The Messenger" book by Klaus Joehle, and sending him love

No, don't send love to him. It's not to your advantage and it will not help your relationship with him.
When you send love to him, you just raise the chance that he will be in love. But you don't specify yourself with him.
If you send love to your relationship then you make higher the probability that there'll be more love between you two.

- ok, so I send love to the relationship?

yes. There was a number of such stories. And I've collected them on my Russian page. One can try to read with google translate.


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